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Illinois Walleye Fishing Tips

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Walleye Fishing Tips

Illinois Walleye Fishing Tips

When fishing for walleye in Illinois you will find that a number of lakes, rivers and reservoirs are available where you can find this particular species of fish. The Kankakee River is one of the most well-known for catching walleyes. There are several lakes where you can go to fish for walleye in Illinois such as Lake Clinton, Fox Lake, Lake Marie, Lake Shelbyville and Lake Michigan to name a few. The Carlyle Lake and Kinkaid Lake are also popular choices where many anglers like to try their hand at catching this elusive fish. Walleyes prefer the cold deep waters that these areas have to offer.

Since the opening of the Jake Wolf Hatchery, walleyes have become more abundant than ever in the history of Illinois. There are plenty of walleyes being found in areas where they use to be uncommon. This is great for the anglers that live in this area making it easier for them to go after this exciting and subtle species. It is also great for visitors that love to come to Illinois and fish.

The Fox Chain-O-Lakes is designed by a natural chain of fifteen lakes that are located in the northeast part of Illinois. You will find that the walleye swim in every one of these lakes, although you will have better luck fishing in some of them than with others.

You can check with the Department of Natural Resources to get a better idea of where the most walleyes are located in this area. Read More→

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