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50th Chain O Lakes Ice Fishing Derby

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also  the Ice Shanty Contest
There are 3 categories of the Ice Shanty Contest:

Best Presentation
Most Creative
Most Unusual

The winner of each category will receive $100. Winners will be announced at Headquarters on Sunday, February 14th prior to the Auction (approximately 2:30 pm).

Contest Rules:

1.   Registration will open at 7:00 am on Saturday morning February 13th at the Announcer’s trailer at Headquarters on Channel Lake.
2.   All entries must be registered by 11:00 am on Saturday.
3.   All entries must be homemade.
4.   Your entry number must be displayed on the outside of your shanty.
5.   Judging will begin at noon on Saturday, February 13th and will continue through the afternoon.

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Ice Too Thick For Ice Fishing On Fox Lake?

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Everyone is always talking about the ice being too thin.

Are you ever worried that the ice on Fox Lake may be too thick?

Get one of these babies and you will never have to worry about that any more! If it looks a little heavy, don’t worry because you could drive a Semi on ice as thick as the one in the movie below.

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Ice Fishing Safety

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With everyone out on the ice It would be a good idea to share this article from the Army on Ice Fishing Safety
Here’s a link Safety On The Ice
Hanover, New Hampshire



For many of us in northern climates, working or playing on the frozen surface of a river or lake is part of winter. Knowing how to do so safely can be a matter of life or death. This handout presents general, common-sense precautionary measures that should be followed when you plan to be on a floating freshwater ice cover. Since it cannot cover every ice condition you may encounter, your judgement is critical. Remember: Only you are responsible for your own safety! PREPARATION
There are four things to focus on when planning an outing on the ice: your physical condition, your clothing, your equipment, and your procedures.Physical condition
Anyone who goes out on the ice should be in reasonably good condition and be able to sustain periods of intense exertion if an emergency arises—either falling through the ice themselves or rescuing someone who does. Being able to swim, or at least being comfortable staying afloat, is important in an emergency and can reduce the chances for panic.

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