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The Great Lakes are under threat from an Asian carp invasion that could wipe out fishing stocks, and with it, the lakes’ billion dollar fishery.There is concern that if carp make it into Lake Michigan, they will gobble up the plankton that native fish feed on. and could show up in local lakes surrounding the great lakes as well

these fish can, and will jump out of the water when they feel the vibrations of a motor boat
this can be very dangerous to boaters ,could you imagine being hit by a four foot carp while your traveling 25 to 4o mph .this could kill the recreational boating along the great lakes.

In December 2009, DNA testing found evidence that Asian carp were within a few miles of Lake Michigan, yet the locks which provide the carp with a direct path into Lake Michigan remain open.
Stop Asian Carp !  we all have to get together and make sure our Government shuts down  water ways that will allow the destructive Asian carp into lake Michigan , If this happens it will destroy the fishing and boating industries to all the surrounding states of the great lakes please help out by signing this petition  that will get sent to our federal government ! we have to stop the Asian carp invasion

The Asian carp was found some 40 miles from Lake Michigan, which was the closest to the Great Lakes the species has been found

Silver carp and the Asian Bighead, which can grow to 5 feet and weigh more than 100 pounds (45 kg), have come to dominate sections of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Authorities fear that if the carp swim up to the Great Lakes, the largest fresh-water resource in the world, they could create an “ecological disaster” by consuming the bottom of the food chain and ruining the lakes’ $7 billion fishery.

Please sign this Petition

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Where Are The Walleye Biting On Fox Lake?

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Walleye Caught On Fox Lake



Calling All Walleye Fishermen


Hi, I’m Paul Jones, the owner of the Fishing Forum at and I’m holding up a 29″ 5.5 lb. Walleye that I recently caught on a dead end channel on the north side of Fox Lake. Actually I was fishing for some Crappie that day, casting a minnow on a split shot underneath some of the piers. All of a sudden this monster busted out from under the dock grabbing my bait and putting on a helluva fight on my ultralight setup. I must have played with this one 20 minutes before I was able to tire him out and get him to the boat.


I wanted to let everyone know that on my fishing reports section on my forum we’re writing about fishing stories like that every day, telling you where are the best fishing holes are on the Fox Chain O Lakes.  JD Spinner, the professional fishing guide from regularly writes about what lures fish are hitting on while on his fishing charters and has a section devoted to showing the best of what fishing for a living is all about.

It’s an online Fox Lake fishing community where local fishermen can share fishing stories, fishing reports, photos and even fishing jokes. Come join in the fun by creating your own account and sharing your fishing stories and fishing photos from Fox Lake and the surrounding Fox Chain, you may just pick up a fishing tip or two along the way.

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Here’s a few versions of our logo, what do you fisherman  think is the best version.

Don’t forget to check out our Fox Lake fishing forum.

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Welcome To The Fox Lake Fishing Blog

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Paul Jones here, An active  fisherman  living in Fox Lake Illinois, one of the best lake and river fishing spot in , er,, hehe Chicagoland.

This place will be for chatting about stuff that has to do with fishing whether it is from a boat or on the shore or ice.

I’ll also add some stories about vacation fishing trips I’ve taken with family and friends and fishing derbies I’ve hosted.

Later we’ll add a place for my fishing buddies to share their fishing pictures and stories from around the world.

Don’t forget about fishing tackle, did anyone get a new rod or reel for Christmas? Know any hot lures or fishing rigs? What do you use for bait?

We will have to talk abut what fish are in Fox lake and the surrounding Chain Of Lakes. Bass, walleye, Muskie, Crappie etc.

We can include links:

And photos too: 


Well, welcome aboard and I hope you stop back for updates, just bookmark my site below.


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We recently added a forum so everyone can add their fishing stories and photos and have some good discussions.  Please help get started by posting your ideas.

You can access it from the top right FORUM link

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