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Rain has been a good thing. Conditions are ideal, particularly for early September.

Although you might think that lovely sunny weather is the best sort to fish in, not so: fish don’t respond so well. The best sort of weather is warm, overcast with a slight wind. In hot weather fish often seem to stay away from bait and get more sluggish, that’s why fishing either in the morning before eight or after six in the afternoon gets better results. “Above 30 inches on the barometer and fish just don’t seem to respond to the bait as well”So here’s what we got

Water temps in the 60’sWater level rising

Current now starting to flow

Winds 15 mph +

Overcast in the morning maybe a few light showers  clearing more towards afternoon

You can not get a better fishing conditions than this So if you’re a fisherman that is not afraid of a little rain

Then come out tomorrow to our fox lake fishing tournament

I cant wait to see the monsters that will be brought in tomorrow afternoon

By our diehard fisherman . lake county news sun will be their to take pics of

The winning fish . Also we have over $1500 in raffle prizes to give away from all of our sponsors . I really hope you don’t let a little rain scare you away from a exciting event

I got this off

Early morning only showing a 10 to 20% chance of rain

By weigh in up to a 50% chance of light rain

5am   Cloudy
  64°F 20% 60°F 87% From WNW 8 mph
11am   Few Showers
  66°F 30% 59°F 78% From NW 9 mph
1 pm   Few Showers
  69°F 50% 59°F 78% From NW 13 mph

also chain o lakes sports in fox lake will be open at 4:30 am sept 14th if you need bait or stickers

and cjsmith will be open at 5 am for bait on sept 14th

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