Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips


Blue gills are the most widespread and abundant sunfish species . Clear water with moderate weed growth support the bluegill population  . Bluegill seldom exceed 10 inches  or 1 pound in size .Anglers commonly catch 6 to 9 inch bluegills .Bluegills feed primarily on insects and small fish .Bluegills feed most heavily in 81-degree water they dont normaly feed when the water was below 50 or above 88  spawning starts when the water temp reaches 69 -degree .

Heres where you can find bluegill

spring                                            summer                                      winter

spawning areas 1) shallow bays with sand or gravel bottoms ,2) sheltered shorelines, 3) points with stands of emerged weeds, 4) sandy beach, 5) boat harbor .

Summer 1) weed lines along drop offs, 2) submerged extensions of shoreline points, 3) mid-lake ridge or hump,4) gradually tapering points. 5) docks and boathouses in deep water.

Winter 1) deepwater off sharp drop-offs, 2) deep water off shoreline points ,3 )inside turns of shoreline breaks, 4) deep holes, 5) deep bays .

Lures                                                        Bait

Lures include 1) poppers 2) timberwolf, 3) Western Bee, 4) emmy jig with mealworm,5) rubber spider, 6) cream angle worm, 7) beetle spin, 8 ) devilspinner, 9) panther martin, 10) black fury combo, 11) halfly, 12) road runner,13) sassy shad, 14) jiggly.

Baits include 1) cricket, 2) grasshopper, 3) night crawlwer, 4) garden worm, 5) red worm, 6) small leech, 7) minnow, 8 ) grass shrimp,9) clam meat, 10) waxworm, 11) mealworm. hook sizes range from a #10 with a cricket to a #6 with a garden worm .


Crappies rank near the top with panfish anglers because they are easy to catch and live in a wide varity of waters. There are two species of crappie : black & white .Crappies eat small fish,insects,molusksand crustaceans. crappies are more sesitive to light than sunfish .crappies feed most heavily at dawn,dusk or at night. They bite through out the year, but feed less often once the water drops below 50 .

Crappies spawn earlier than any other member of the sunfish family. They usually nest when the water temperature reaches 62 to 65 degree’s .spawning crappies prefer gravel bottoms, but will nest on sand or mud if gravel is not available.Males are the first to arrive and the last to leave at their beds .Most crappies spawn in 2 to 10 feet of water,usually the larger the fish ,the deeper it spawns . a good size crappie is 1/2 to 1 pound.

spawn                                   summer                             winter

Spawn 1) sheltered bays, 2) dead end channels, 3) mouth of inlet, 4) points with emerged weeds,5) shallow humps with weeds, 6) shallow flats with emerged weeds.

Summer 1) submerged point, 2) gradually tappering shorline points, 3) deep rock piles and sunken islands, 4) irregular weedlines, 5) deep edges of weedy flats.

Winter 1) deep weedlines, 2) deep water off submerged point, 3) deep rock piles and sunken islands,4) deep flats, 5) deep areas in open water.

crappie lures                                                             rig a minnow

crappie lures 1) comet,2) beetle spin. 3) super shyster, 4) hopkins shorty with pork rind,5) kastmaster, 60 fat rap, 7) minnow floater, 8 ) streamer, 9) mcginty, 10) white miller,11) twister, 12) crappie slider, 13) sassy shad, 14) quiver jig, 15) dart, 16) bumblebee jig, 17) lightnin bug, 18) tiny tube, 19) hal-fly, 20) fuzz-e-grub, 21) crappie killer, 22) no-alibi, 23) road runner, 24) maribou jig, 25) whistler 26) bucktail jig, 27) crappie jig

rig a minnow hook a minnow through 1) the back or 2) tail when still fishing for crappie .when casting or trolling,hook the minnow through the 3) the lips or 4) eye sockets so it swims naturally


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tips are gathered from Flf forum,Infisherman, the hunting and fishing library

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