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Two Lake County lawmakers want to abolish the agency that oversees the Chain O’ Lakes and Fox River in what they say is an effort to reduce redundant government services.

Democrat state senators Terry Link of Waukegan and Julie Morrison of Deerfield are sponsoring a bill introduced in the senate Jan. 28 that, if approved, would dissolve the Fox Waterway Agency and send its assets to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

dead fish

If this is done over 20 species of Fish will decline or even die off. with out the constant dredging, Grass lake would be completely filled in with silt and not only would the fish be force to adapt to a shocking change, chances of a die off would be inevitable.  The protected Yackey nut or Water Chinquapin Lilly that has been striving would be killed off as well.  And don’t forget about the Bald Eagles that have took home off of an Island that Fox Waterway Maintains for the growth of our nations bird.

Help us put a stop to this crazy bill. Terry Link and Julie Morrison have no concern for our environment!

please click the link below for your voice to be heard

Fox Lake Fishing has over a half million page views a month with over 22,000 members including our elected State Officials  and we will put a stop to this!



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Taking Kids Fishing

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Sam Buchholtz caught this Big Large mouth Bass all by himself while fishing with his Grandfather

Introducing children to fishing can be a rewarding experience. To ensure a positive experience,
here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

Father teaching son to fish1. Have fun. Seeing your child enjoy reeling in their first fish is rewarding. (Take pictures!)

2. Target areas with a high likelihood of success. Most kids are satisfied catching lots of smaller fish such as bluegills rather than catching fewer, bigger fish such as bass. Catching a few fish on the first few outings will peak children’s interest and make them look forward to the next trip.

3. Use live bait to increase the chance of catching a fish. (also bait is more interesting for children)

4. Pick a place that is easy to get to, comfortable, and safe.

5. Bring snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent and first aid basics. This will make your trip comfortable for everyone.

6. Provide them with simple tackle in working order. Nothing can be more discouraging to a child than complicated equipment or equipment that doesn’t work. Consider giving the child their own fishing outfit. This gesture is practical because short rods are easier for kids to handle.

7. Above all else, have patience. You will be unsnagging lines, baiting hooks, and landing fish for them often. On your fishing trips with youngsters, they will get dirty, fall down or even get a little wet. By taking time to introduce children to fishing, you may end up with a fishing buddy for life.

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Northern Illinois Boat Show

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Welcome to the Northern Illinois Boat Show . Your number one show for great new and
used boat sales, parts & accessories at discount prices. Don’t miss your chance to get great dealer pricing.

Courtesy of Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake.GRAND PRIZE: Brand New Boat, Trailer & a NEW Chevy Silverado – Value $50,000!
FIRST PRIZE: Brand New Lund Rowboat A 12 -Value $1,800

At the Lake County Fairgrounds, IL
FREE ADMISSION for Children under 12 • FREE PARKING

Lake County Fairgrounds: 1060 E. Peterson Rd, Grayslake, IL 60030
At the Corner of Peterson Rd and Midlothian RdMap (Click to go to Google Maps & Get Directions)

March 4th
March 5th
March 6th
March 7th
Adults: $6
Children: FREE
Seniors: $4
Veterans: $4
FREE Parking

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A beginner’s guide to winter bait

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If you’re relatively new
to fishing then you might have already been out on the water a couple
of times with some experienced friends of yours who have shown you the
ropes. There is a lot to learn when it comes to fishing, such as knowing
where the best spot is, which type of fishing rod you should be using
and the advantages of certain baits.

Fishing is a great way to
relax on the weekends and catch up with your friends. If you normally
spend your spare time watching movies at home or playing at;
but now you’ve decided to be more proactive which is why you’ve taken
up fishing, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will
give you a few hints and tips about which types of bait to use during
the winter. Your friends are sure to be impressed by your new fishing

During the winter, fish tend to conserve their energy.
Their metabolisms slow right down which makes them rather lethargic.
What you need to do is convince them to use their energy and swim
towards your hook because there’s something really delicious there.

flavours create a strong smell in the water which will attract a lot of
fish. You can do anything from sprinkling your maggots with masala, to
dusting bait with chilli flakes and paprika. See how creative you can be
with your bait.

Simple sweetcorn works a treat when
it comes to luring in the fish. This is because it is easily digested
and highly visible. Plus, it’s resistant to the attentions of small
silver fish bugs.

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