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Help Preserve Fox Lake Fishing History

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Fox Lake Muskie

Do you have any old hunting or fishing photos hiding in the attic, how about some old lures or tackle that was handed down from your grandparents? Bass Pro Shops would like to enshrine them to keep the history of fishing on Fox Lake and Chain Of Lakes alive. I just stumbled upon this article on Bass Pro Shops and though it would a good idea to share with our Fox lake Fishermen.

Bass Pro Seeks Antique Sporting Memorabilia and Historic Photos

You’re up in the attic digging around and find that old collection of wooden lures you started as a kid. Maybe you are going through some old photographs and find one of your grandfather with a nice 12 point buck. Another one depicts the family sitting around the campfire telling tall tales as mom fries up the catch of the day.

Bass Pro Shops feels the same way you do about these memory-evoking mementos that celebrate our nation’s wonderful outdoor heritage and would like to help preserve them for our children, our children’s children and all the future generations to enjoy and appreciate. Read More→

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