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The Great Lakes are under threat from an Asian carp invasion that could wipe out fishing stocks, and with it, the lakes’ billion dollar fishery.There is concern that if carp make it into Lake Michigan, they will gobble up the plankton that native fish feed on. and could show up in local lakes surrounding the great lakes as well

these fish can, and will jump out of the water when they feel the vibrations of a motor boat
this can be very dangerous to boaters ,could you imagine being hit by a four foot carp while your traveling 25 to 4o mph .this could kill the recreational boating along the great lakes.

In December 2009, DNA testing found evidence that Asian carp were within a few miles of Lake Michigan, yet the locks which provide the carp with a direct path into Lake Michigan remain open.
Stop Asian Carp !  we all have to get together and make sure our Government shuts down  water ways that will allow the destructive Asian carp into lake Michigan , If this happens it will destroy the fishing and boating industries to all the surrounding states of the great lakes please help out by signing this petition  that will get sent to our federal government ! we have to stop the Asian carp invasion

The Asian carp was found some 40 miles from Lake Michigan, which was the closest to the Great Lakes the species has been found

Silver carp and the Asian Bighead, which can grow to 5 feet and weigh more than 100 pounds (45 kg), have come to dominate sections of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Authorities fear that if the carp swim up to the Great Lakes, the largest fresh-water resource in the world, they could create an “ecological disaster” by consuming the bottom of the food chain and ruining the lakes’ $7 billion fishery.

Please sign this Petition

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A R-eel Fish Story

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R-eel Fish Story

Two weeks ago a group of four men, Steve Hoyland, Jr., with friends Bruce, Ken and Erik, set off on an overnight fishing trip. They left at noon on a Tuesday, and went about 120 miles out into the Gulf.

They were having a great night of fishing, catching big snapper, grouper, ling and kings. About 3 a.m., two of them went down below to catch some sleep. The two remaining on the deck were catching fish and drinking beer, enjoying the warm tropical night air.

All at once, Bruce got a big run on his line. This thing went all around the boat and took more than twenty minutes to bring up to the surface. When they got it up to the surface, they could not tell what it was. It looked prehistoric.

Steve, Jr. put a gaff in it and the two men dragged it aboard the 33 foot boat. As soon as the big creature hit the deck, it went crazy, attacking them. It was an eel over 6 feet long weighing close to 100 pounds. It had a mouth full of sharp teeth and was extremely pissed off.

The eel was later estimated to be sixty years old. Bruce said it came at him and Steve, Jr. like an anaconda, rearing its head up and striking at them like a rattlesnake. It was highly agitated and quite energetic.

In the midst of thrashing around, the creature fell down below onto the floor between the two sleeping men, Erik and Ken. When they heard the thud and turned on the light, the eel raised its head right above Ken’s face. Erik rolled over and grabbed his 9 mm pistol. Steve, Jr. started yelling, “Don’t shot the gun in the boat! We’re 120 miles from land!” Next thing you know, all four fishermen were on the deck and the gigantic eel had sole possession of the bottom of the boat.

The four needed to work up a plan of action, so they drank beer while considering a strategy. It was determined that Steve, Jr. would distract the eel because he had drank the most alcohol and believed he was bulletproof. He opened up the sliding door down below to see what the “monster” was doing. As the door opened, the eel came up the two steps biting at anything along the way. The four brave men then ran to the wheel house like women and slammed the door shut. They never did identify which one of them screamed like a girl.

Inside the wheelhouse, they started calming down and decided they would drink a couple more beers. Then they hatched a new battle plan. Steve, Jr. went out on the deck to get the beast’s attention. The eel attacked and Steve, Jr. climbed up on top of the captain’s chair. Ken threw a blanket on top of the giant eel while Erik and Bruce beat the hell out of it with a steel gaff and a large ice chest lid. After the creature was finally subdued, they put it into a large ice chest and closed the lid on it.

The four brave sailors all got themselves a beer and were laughing at the situation when the lid of the ice chest was suddenly knocked off and the eel sprang out onto the deck and resumed his attack. Bruce stated that the eel was clearly out for vengeance. The four men each picked up something and the fight was on. After beating the creature with gaffs, ice chest lids and fire extinguishers again, they once more subdued the massive carnivore and put it back into the ice chest. This time, they tied the lid down and put another ice chest on top of that one.

Eighteen hours later they returned to the dock and started unloading the boat. None of them was anxious to open the lid to the ice chest, in fact, they did “rock, paper, scissors” to determine who would pop the lid!

Above is the picture of Bruce Gordy with the eel that he caught and bravely fought in that epic and desperate battle for control on the high seas. (Steve Hoyland, Sr.)

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Fox Lake Fishing Tournament sponsors

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Thanks to our FLF Tournament sponsors

Special thanks needs to go to the companies and individuals that is supporting the  Sept 20th 2009 FLF Tournament.

foxlaketoyotalogo bass pro

bkn_logo boatman_op_800x457

eagleclaw-420x123 Midwest_outdoors

reefrunner-420x123 port edwards

capt dn.asp

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Special thanks needs to go to the companies and individuals that is supporting the  may 17th 2009  FLF Tournament.

Linda Peterson/Lake County Board of Commissioners

JoAnn Osmond/State Representative


bass-pro Plano_Tackle

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Chicagoland Outdoor Show

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  • Wednesday, Jan 21, 2:00 – 8:00
  • Thursday, Jan 22, 2:00 – 8:00
  • Friday, Jan 23, 2:00 – 9:00
  • Saturday, Jan 24, 10:00 – 8:00
  • Sunday, Jan 25, 10:00 – 5:00
  • Stephens Convention Center
  • 5555 North River Road
  • Rosemont, IL 60018
  • Phone: 847-692-2220
  • $10.00 for Adults
  • $9.00 for Seniors (62 and older)
  • Kids on weekdays (16 and under) Free!
  • Weekends $5 for kids 6-16, under 6 Free!
  • Please note: Some attractions require seperate fee

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