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click below to sign up !

WE will be having our 8th Fishing Tournament at Port of Blarney
Sunday May 19th, 2013.
Sign in starts at 6:00 a.m. and the Tournament kicks off at 7:00 a.m ,

Weigh in is at 2:00 p.m sharp ! Entry fee is $40.00

There will be 5 categories

1) Bass ___________________Top 6 by weight

2) Walleye_________________Top 3 under slot 1 over by weight

3) Catfish__________________Top 5 by weight

4) Pan fish _________________Top 10 by weight *

5) Striper___________________Top 10 by weight

*Panfish we consider


The tournament is for the entire chain of lakes ,not just fox lake. The $ 40 entry fee is for Individual, and covers all four categories. You can have as many anglers you want on a boat. And you are allowed to use live bait. You must have an Illinois fishing license and A fox waterway sticker (they do sell a one day stickers for $10 ) and all fish will be released after weigh in. * Individual can take their own catch.The Tournament is a 80% pay back .with thousands of dollars of raffles from our sponsors
any one older than 16 can enter the tournament as long as they have a valid fishing license.
now as for boating, the state law states that if your under 18 you must complete a boating safety course and possess a Boating Safety Education Certificate accepted by the Department of Natural Resources or you are accompanied by and under the direct control of a parent, a guardian, or a person at least 18 years old designated by the parent or guardian. children 16 and under can fish the tournament for free but are not eligible for the category prizes unless they pay entry fee , they are eligible for the raffle prizes .

Fox-Lake-Fishing-Tournament (20)Fox-Lake-Fishing-Tournament (41)Fox-Lake-Fishing-Tournament (60)Fox-Lake-Fishing-Tournament (80)

Fish_________________Creel limit __________length

Largemouth/ bass_____________6__________14”
smallmouth/ ________________3__________14″ *season opens in June

Walleye* ___________________3_________ 14-18”

Walleye*___________________1__________24” +

Catfish _______________________________no creel limit

Pan fish _______________________ __________no creel limit

*18″ to 24″ protected slot limit (no possession)

**Includes the Fox River to Rt. 176 (Burton’s Bridge)

Please pre register online so we can get an idea how many anglers we will have.This will help us place non boaters, and help with what we need for parking etc…You don’t need to pay your entry fee online entry fee will be collected at sign in, the day of the tournament. port of blarney does have a free launch for the tournament and plenty of trailer parking .

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Traveling to the FoxLakeFishing Tournament and need a room not a problem

Fox Lake Fishing Forum

contact information

Sign up Here Fox Lake Fishing Tournament Registration

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