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A beginner’s guide to winter bait

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If you’re relatively new
to fishing then you might have already been out on the water a couple
of times with some experienced friends of yours who have shown you the
ropes. There is a lot to learn when it comes to fishing, such as knowing
where the best spot is, which type of fishing rod you should be using
and the advantages of certain baits.

Fishing is a great way to
relax on the weekends and catch up with your friends. If you normally
spend your spare time watching movies at home or playing at;
but now you’ve decided to be more proactive which is why you’ve taken
up fishing, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will
give you a few hints and tips about which types of bait to use during
the winter. Your friends are sure to be impressed by your new fishing

During the winter, fish tend to conserve their energy.
Their metabolisms slow right down which makes them rather lethargic.
What you need to do is convince them to use their energy and swim
towards your hook because there’s something really delicious there.

flavours create a strong smell in the water which will attract a lot of
fish. You can do anything from sprinkling your maggots with masala, to
dusting bait with chilli flakes and paprika. See how creative you can be
with your bait.

Simple sweetcorn works a treat when
it comes to luring in the fish. This is because it is easily digested
and highly visible. Plus, it’s resistant to the attentions of small
silver fish bugs.

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