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50.75 inch Muskie caught on Fox Chain

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It was just another day of fishing for the Fox Chain Angler Tim Wallies
except for the fact it was December and there is usually ice by now
where he was fishing. With the weather being abnormal lately in the
Midwest, Tim decided to hook up the boat and go out chasing fish. It was
a windy day, the winds where blowing 20+mph at times which made boat
control not so great. Either way the angler was just happy to be on the
water as most anglers would be. Tim started out drifting suckers for the
day in hopes of catching a Muskie. Well to his surprise that is exactly
what he did. This time was like no other before though. Tim has spent a
good amount of time chasing Muskie all over the midwest. His biggest to
date before this special day on the Fox Chain was 49in. He has spent 14
years chasing ski’s and has never caught one 50in. or more. This was
the day though. Tim felt a tug on his line and in no time set the hook,
but little did he know he was going for the ride of his life. At first
glance Tim knew she was at least 50″. The fish took him on a dance
around his entire boat during the fight which resulted in a very sore
back. Tim got her up to the boat, scooped in the net, and out came
probably one of the biggest Muskie ever caught on the Fox Chain. Tim
couldn’t believe his eyes and what he had accomplished. With no camera
in the boat or another sole on the lake, Tim called his wife and son at
home asking them to meet him for a photo shoot at the nearest pier. The
wife grabbed the camera and son and headed to the dock. Meanwhile Tim
made sure the fish was live and well, and put her in his livewell and
headed for the dock. As the wife and son arrived Tim pulled her from the
box, and to his sons amazement was almost scared to go near the monster
fish due to the size. They snapped a bunch of photos, gave hugs and
kisses, and Tim went on his way back to the spot he caught the monster
to release her for another day. Tim put the fish back where she came
from and asked that she came back to visit him another day. The fish was
a whopping 50.75 inches long with a girth of 23 inches. Tim didn’t get a
weight on her, but he had stated it was an extremely heavy fish. The
following are a few of the photos that he had taken with the beast.

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