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Artist James Tingey is a great friend of mine and a very talented Artist, not to mention a great Fisherman as well. I was thinking his  artwork would make a great Christmas gift for any Angler  and just wanted to share it with you.

James will memorialize your Trophy catch by capturing it in the form of a beautiful watercolor print. which comes complete with a hand written section containing the date, size,and location of where you caught the fish. What a great way to commemorate a young persons first fish or make a special gift for your favorite Angler

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Jim took the time to work with me on memorilizing my son’s first walleye. He is 6 yo and caught a 29.5″, 9.5 lb walleye on an ultralight with 4 lb test. Reeled it in like a champ. Backed off when it ran. I think I was the only one with buck fever when I saw it roll at 12 FOW. Jim did such an outstanding job that I decided to go back and get my son’s 19″ SMB done. Jim wrote all the particulars on the artwork and actually embedded a high resolution image of the catch. E-mail me if you want to see them. I would highly reccomend his work.


9.5lb fish? Damn.. Fish in US regions is too big.

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