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Sept 12th Tournament results

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We had some great weather Again with temps in the upper 70′s. This is the first year that we had NO Walleyes brought in . A lot of Pan Fish brought in this year with the winning weight almost being 10lbs .Winner of the walleye prize being raffled off was Harold Henkel.

David Becker collecting his prize


Walleye 1st  ______________________________________________None Brought in

walleye 2nd ______________________________________________None Brought in

walleye 3rd ______________________________________________None Brought in

Bass       1st  $250 _____________14   7/8″  __________Donold f Pilarczyk Jr_______McHenry

Bass     2nd $125______________14   1/2″ ___________Tom Pilarczyk____________Antioch

Bass     3rd $50_______________14   1/8″ ____________Donold  Pilarczyk________Ingleside

CatFish 1st $ 250_____________23  3/4″ _____________Ryne Becker___________Fox Lake

CatFish 2nd $ 125____________20 1/2″______________Ken Urzedowski_________Bartlet

CatFish 3rd $50______________18 “________________Dave Hill sr___________Lake county

PanFish 1st $250____________9.02 lbs______________Shawn Frey __________Ingleside

Panfish 2nd $ 125 ___________8.11 lbs_______________Ryne Becker_________Fox Lake

Panfish 3rd $50  ___________8.09 lbs _______________David  Becker ________Fox Lake

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