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High water brings Ideal Fishing conditions

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Malissa Bader with this huge Carp caught on the Fox River

With all this rain we had ,we now have Ideal fishing conditions through out the Fox chain . Fox Waterways has the chain and upper river at NO WAKE condiotins  and lowe river Closed . with the high water and increase  current and no boats flying around  makes the Fox chain the best fishing in years !

This is just one of the fishing reports from  our Forum

Fished July 29    1:30pm to 8:00pm. 

Fished From the launch at Chain o Lakes State Park to Blarney Island.

The slug of water from all of the rain in Racine and Kenosha has finally reached it’s way down to the Chain.  The water coming in has lost it’s silt and is very clean.  I have been waiting for a situation like this.

We had live bait (which was never used) and of course Blade baits.  1/4 oz gold, white w/ red hooks/ lime perch and silver.  We casted and trolled.  Equal time was spent doing both.

At the 3 hour mark we were at 100 stripers and 18 walleye.  We stopped counting at that point.  A good guess would be 200+ stripers and 30+ walleye.

My friend Walt actually said “lets start trolling again my back is getting sore from catching fish”)  So we did troll again at the end of the day and put at least 10 walleye in the boat in about an hour.

The water is expected to crest today at about 5.60 ft above flood stage.  This means this condition should remain at least for the next 4 or 5 days.  The fish are EVERYWEAR in this stretch of river.

If you go a helpful hint:  When anchored and casting, cast up stream and bring the bait back to you.  They will hit everywhere even under the boat.  Trolling will produce more walleye, but, casting will probably produce bigger ones.

This is a classic “ultimate” chain condition.

Good Luck

Big Dude Out

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