Versus country new whitetail lineup.


The podcast are available here:
Part 1: http://versuscountry.podomatic.com/entry/2009-09-14T12_56_52-07_00

Part 2: http://versuscountry.podomatic.com/entry/2009-09-14T13_01_02-07_00

Here are four new whitetail lineups on Versus Country !


Winchester Whitetail Revolution

Join us as we explore the excitement of America’s favorite big game animal, the Whitetail Deer. From an unbelievable monster north of the border to trophy buck deep in the heart of Texas, we follow four of America’s most notable outdoor writers in hot pursuit of some of the largest deer you will ever see. Come along as we spend time with Larry Weishun, Mark Kayser, Ron Spomer and Mike Hanback. These whitetail experts will share some of their secrets for more accurate tracking to rattling in the monster of your dreams. Tune in each and every week for a testosterone-filled episode as we cross America and Canada in search of the one that didn’t get away. Too, Mike Hanback’s “Big Buck Zone’ showcases some of the largest deer taken in recent history.

The Bucks of Tecomate

Everyone’s favorite blue-collar comedian and deer hunter, Jeff Foxworthy, joins show host and renowned whitetail hunter and author David Morris in the The Bucks of Tecomate. This show showcases big whitetails and reveals what it takes to hunt them.

The Best and Worst of Tred Barta

The Best & Worst of Tred Barta is a testosterone filled out of the box in your face reality blue water fishing and hunting TV series hosted by the irascible Tred Barta. Love him or hate him, Tred delivers an outdoor experience that takes your breath away! From the peaks of Colorado to subterranean canyons 100 miles offshore, Tred’s hunting and fishing exploits depict what really happens in the great outdoors.

Winchester World of Whitetail with Larry Weishuhn

Larry Weishuhn, otherwise known as “Mr. Whitetail”, showcases his life of hard-core whitetail hunting at the top locations across the country. This adventure-hunting-reality series is prime for whitetail fanatics. Weishuhn tells all, including his rituals, strategies and tactics for taking big bucks. Viewers will also tag along and be ‘on-location’ across the country as Larry lectures, meets people at deer check stations, consults with ranch owners on how to manage for more and bigger deer, and tests the latest new products for hunting monster whitetails.



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