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The third annual Fox Lake Fishing Tournament was a great success with 26 boats and  almost 60 anglers.A lot of great fish were brought in for each category.Patrick Muldowny   won 1st,2nd and 3rd with his three walleyes that he brought in at weigh in .the biggest measuring 25″  and weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces.  everyone received a goodie bag from our sponsors and a chance for some great raffle prizes  Taylor Cummings won  the  basspro tolling motor.


here is the results of the 3rd  annual Fox Lake Fishing Tournament

1st place               Patrick  Muldowny         Fox Lake                25 “               $250
2nd place             Patrick  Muldowny         Fox Lake               15 3/8 “            $120
3rd place              Patrick  Muldowny         Fox Lake               14 3/4 “            $50

1st place               Jon Fitzpatrick                 Ingleside        15 7/8 “        $250
2nd place             Don Pilarczyk jr                  Mchenry         15 “           $120
3rd place              Taylor Cummings             Lakemoor         14 1/2 “        $50

1st place              Paul VanHeirseele             Ingleside           21 1/2 “        $250
2nd  place           Robert Madlear                                           20 1/2 “        $120
3rd place             Mike McCollum                 SilverLake          20 “              $50

Pan fish
top ten by weight
1st place             Harold Henkel             Ingleside                 4.15  lbs/oz         $250
2nd place            Jerry Henkel               Ingleside                 3.14  lbs/oz         $120
3rd place            Tony Mrkvicka              Lake Zurich            3.9    lbs/oz         $50


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I just wanted to mention that your website for the fishing tournament on Sept 20, 2009 indicated that there was going to be a band playing, and Baja Bennie’s would have the “grills” going. I was there to join my husband who was in the tournament, and invited several people. It was disappointing that there was no band or food, and everyone quickly left after the raffle.

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