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Fox Lake Fishing Tournament results

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the 2nd annual Fox Lake Fishing Tournament was a huge success,  a great outcome with out standing weather.every one that registered received a  goodie bag full of gifts. hats,crank baits lures ,etc… plus with over $4000 in raffle prizes from our great sponsors .and I cant forget the great live music we had from the band MYSTIFY .  we did get a repeat winner this year on the walleye category Lincon Buchanan   won first prize for walleye for the 2nd year in a role


here is the results of the 2nd annual FLF Tournament

1st place               Lincoln buchanan     lake villa            17 7/8 “      $250 + $25 gift cert.for CJ Smiths
2nd place              David Becker           Fox Lake            17 5/8 “      $120
3rd place               Tim baldocchi          Ingleside            17 1/2 “      $50

1st place               Jeff Buechner          Ingleside            16 1/8 “       $250 + $25 gift cert.for CJ Smiths
2nd place               Josh Bartlet            Fox Lake            15 “            $120
3rd place               Bob Cortesi             Fox Lake             14 1/2 “       $50

1st place              Bob Galladora                                    22 1/4 “       $250 + $25 gift cert.for CJ Smiths
2nd  place            Ed Honold               silver lake             21 1/2 “       $120
3rd place              Brian Frounfelker      Fox Lake              20 “             $50

Pan fish
top ten by weight
1st place             Patrick Muldowney    Fox Lake               5.14  lbs        $250 + $25 gift cert.for CJ Smiths
2nd place            Mike Kolle                Round lake beach    5.1.2 lbs        $120
3rd place             Mike McCollum         Silver Lake              5.1.0 lbs        $50


for more pics of the tournamnet please click here;sa=album;id=8

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