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All Winners, No Whiners

The Fox Lake Fishing tournament was definitely not a bust even though the weather tried to keep us all at bay.  We ended up with 20 die-hard fishermen showing up, we were expecting around 60-70 anglers but I’m sure some people were home bailing their basements instead of thinking about fishing as the remnants of hurricane Ike swept through the area over the weekend.

But 20 brave souls still showed up, all donned in rain gear and ready to fish their hearts out at 6:00 in the morning on Sunday at Baja Benny’s  It was drizzling as they were registering and  launching their boats, we filled them up with hot coffee and doughnuts brought by Dia the owner of Baja’s.  Around 9:00 AM a cold front swept in with the rain coming down hard and the waves were kicking up into whitecaps.  Most everyone stayed out all day till the weigh in at 1:00, a few of them anchored their boats under a few bridges, riding out the worst of the bad weather.

The good thing though was that the fish were biting and reports of a few of the larger catches were being called in so everyone was excited and waiting for the boats to come in.  There was a winner in every category with a cash prize of $200 each and lots of great raffle prizes.  Here’s some pictures of the winners, our hats are off to them for the guts and determination they all had to stay out there all day fishing in the tail of the hurricane.

Fox Lake Catfish Winner

Robert Alsup also known as Slipbob on the Forum snagged the Catfish category with this great pair of cats, the largest being 25 3/4″.

Walleye Tournament Winner On Fox Lake

Lincoln Buchanan with his 17″ Walleye Tournament Winner.

Bass Category Winner Mike McCollum
Mike McCollum, my brother in law won the Bass category with a 16″ Lunker Largemouth  I guess that proves that fishing runs in our family.  You can find him on the forum as Southern Buck  Mike was quick to get his winning Bass back in the water, so quick I failed to get a picture of it.  If anyone else happened to get a shot of it please upload it to our fishing gallery.

Panfish Tournament Winners

Pete Sinkovits’s Pan Fish…..6lb 9oz

Pete Sinkovits collecting $200 for his  6lb 9oz heap of Panfish shown above.

Many thanks to all of our sponsors and the hard core fishermen of Chain O Lakes to make this day a great one!  We’re looking forward to our next get together already.

More pictures on the forum, and our fishing gallery, it’s there to share so add any photos you may have of the tournament also.

Fox Lake Fishing Photo Gallery


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All Winners and No Whiners At The Fox Lake Fishing Tournament

Out of all the weekends to have a fishing derby we had to pick the one that hurricane Ike payed us a visit, We ended up with 20 die-hard fishermen showing up, anyways we were expecting around 60-70 anglers but I’m sure some people were home bailing …

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