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Fox Chain O’ Lakes Fisheries Facts

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Here’s an excerpt from the Fox Chain O’ Lakes DNR about their fisheries.

The Fox Chain O’ Lakes are unique from other major bodies of water in the state in that they were formed by glaciation thousands of years ago. Composed of 9 major lakes interconnected by channels, the Fox Chain O’ Lakes is classified as a public navigable waterway managed under the authority of the Department of Natural Resources and the Fox WaterwayAgency. Read More→

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Fox Lake Fishermen Excited Due To High Water

Now that the Fox Lake Chain has reopened for boating, many businesses are breathing heavy sighs of relief.

And yet some anglers still haven’t realized the potential for some excellent fishing on Fox Lake and the surrounding Chain O Lakes.

I learned a long time ago that high water levels on a river or lake act like a green light for the various species of game and pan fish to migrate close to shorelines.

Take the Fox River as one example. Many years ago I got serious about bank fishing the Fox for smallmouth bass right after an extended period of heavy rainfall. Read More→

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