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Fox Lake Bass Fishing Guides

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Take me fishing kids 2007 125

A good bass fishing guide is the ultimate companion. No matter how experienced you are, you could always learn something from another individual that has experience in the hobby, whether he or she is a professional or simply goes to the local lake when they have a spare day.

Everyone’s bass fishing experience is different and we all learn different things that can help to improve our style and/or technique. Contributing to our individual knowledge of fishing can always help us to catch more bass!

Before looking for a good guide, you should initially determine what level of fisherman or woman you are. This does not really matter in the case of an expert, but it does matter if you are just starting out or have been fishing recreationally for less than a year because expert guides will be too complex if you do not have a mastery of the basics just yet. This will limit the range of good bass fishing guides that you can go for, but an expert can choose from any and all bass fishing guides out there today!

You should then decide where you are to get your book from. You will find many different guides on the Internet and in bookstores. The former can be regular books or ebook, whilst the latter is just limited to regular books. It largely depends on the nature of the book that you want.

If you want it in a more easy to read form then you should probably take a look at ebooks, but if you prefer having something bound to hold in your hand then a regular book it is. This choice is largely down to personal preference. However, you may want to take a look on the Internet regardless of what type of book you actually want. The Internet has a much wider range of material available because Internet stores can obviously carry much larger volumes of books than regular bookstores. Read More→

samonSEATAC, Wash. — West Coast fisheries managers voted Thursday to cancel all commercial salmon fishing off the California and Oregon coasts this year.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council decided to allow limited recreational fishing of coho salmon on holiday weekends off the Oregon coast, but no recreational fishing off California after several members of the panel argued that every salmon counts.

Scientists and government officials are expecting this year’s West Coast salmon season to be one of the worst in history, because of the collapse of Sacramento River chinook, one of the West Coast’s biggest wild salmon runs.

Although commercial salmon fishing off the Washington coast is scheduled to begin May 1, fisheries managers do not predict a good season off either the north or south Pacific coasts.

“For the entire West Coast, this is the worst in history,” Don McIsaac, executive director of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, said before several close votes led to the fisheries plan for 2008.

The council’s decision still must be confirmed by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, the federal agency in charge of salmon management. Read More→

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Illinois Walleye Fishing Tips

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Walleye Fishing Tips

Illinois Walleye Fishing Tips

When fishing for walleye in Illinois you will find that a number of lakes, rivers and reservoirs are available where you can find this particular species of fish. The Kankakee River is one of the most well-known for catching walleyes. There are several lakes where you can go to fish for walleye in Illinois such as Lake Clinton, Fox Lake, Lake Marie, Lake Shelbyville and Lake Michigan to name a few. The Carlyle Lake and Kinkaid Lake are also popular choices where many anglers like to try their hand at catching this elusive fish. Walleyes prefer the cold deep waters that these areas have to offer.

Since the opening of the Jake Wolf Hatchery, walleyes have become more abundant than ever in the history of Illinois. There are plenty of walleyes being found in areas where they use to be uncommon. This is great for the anglers that live in this area making it easier for them to go after this exciting and subtle species. It is also great for visitors that love to come to Illinois and fish.

The Fox Chain-O-Lakes is designed by a natural chain of fifteen lakes that are located in the northeast part of Illinois. You will find that the walleye swim in every one of these lakes, although you will have better luck fishing in some of them than with others.

You can check with the Department of Natural Resources to get a better idea of where the most walleyes are located in this area. Read More→

FOX LAKE Spring Fling Bauske Marina, Fox lake, IL Open Bass Tournament
April 12th and 13th 2008
-Revised 2/11/08-

Fox Lake Spring Fling Fishing Derby

Two man team tournament

Participants must comply with Big Bucks Bass Tournament rules. You do not need to be a member to participate in tournament.

Cost $230.00 per team.

Includes: Both days launch pass ($10 per day $20 total) Entry in daily big bass pots ($10.00 per day $20 total) and 2 dinner tickets.

Mandatory dinner (2 free tickets per team, additional tickets $10 each) on April 11th 2008 at 6 pm. Dinner will be held at National Athletic Club, 264 Lippincott Lane, Fox Lake, IL (847-587-5777), One member of team must attend meeting.

Tournament Format:

After first day fish weight is calculated the top 8 teams in weight, ties to be decide by big fish, will automatically qualify for a guaranteed check on Sunday. First days weight determines launch number start on Sunday. This weight will also be carried over to Sunday. Sunday’s launch schedule top 8 teams launch at 7:00 a.m. return at 3:00 p.m.

Remainder of field will draw boat numbers Sunday morning. No weight is carried over from Saturday for these teams. Top five teams in weight on Sunday will receive check. Sunday launch time 7:30 am – and return at 2:30 pm

We encourage participants to stay near their boats after each tournament day to mingle with spectators. Please help to promote our sport.

Pay out: 100% of Big Bass Pot, 80% of entry fee minus launch fee, big bass pot, plus $10 towards dinner. Limited to 50 boat field

We are working on Skeeter, Ranger, Champion, and Bass Cat money.

You can register for this tournament using the Big Bucks Bass register page

If you fished in the Fall Classic at Bauske Marine in October 2007, you are guaranteed a spot in the Spring Fling. All that is required is to have a paid entry at Action Marine by March 21, 2008. We are limiting the field to 50 entries.

Ranger Cup: If you are an up-to-date Ranger Cup member and bought your boat from either Anglers Edge (Loves Park) or Bedford Sales (Morris, IL) you are eligible to receive Ranger Cup money. If a Ranger boat owner wins, they receive $1,000. If no Ranger boat owner wins, highest placing Ranger owner receives $500

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