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Do you have any old hunting or fishing photos hiding in the attic, how about some old lures or tackle that was handed down from your grandparents? Bass Pro Shops would like to enshrine them to keep the history of fishing on Fox Lake and Chain Of Lakes alive. I just stumbled upon this article on Bass Pro Shops and though it would a good idea to share with our Fox lake Fishermen.

Bass Pro Seeks Antique Sporting Memorabilia and Historic Photos

You’re up in the attic digging around and find that old collection of wooden lures you started as a kid. Maybe you are going through some old photographs and find one of your grandfather with a nice 12 point buck. Another one depicts the family sitting around the campfire telling tall tales as mom fries up the catch of the day.

Bass Pro Shops feels the same way you do about these memory-evoking mementos that celebrate our nation’s wonderful outdoor heritage and would like to help preserve them for our children, our children’s children and all the future generations to enjoy and appreciate.
With your help, Bass Pro Shops will create a lasting historic display that honors the great outdoors. They will enshrine your artifacts, photos and treasures in America’s great outdoors stores-the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World stores-and give you and your family appropriate recognition.

Currently, Bass Pro Shops is seeking quality antique fishing, hunting, camping or other outdoor sport items, any North American game mounts, or old black and white historical fishing and hunting photos from the 1800′s to the 1960′s.

“A Bass Pro Shops store combines entertainment, education, retail and conservation and each store is themed to capture the outdoor heritage of the store location,” said Martin Mac Donald, Bass Pro Shops Director of Conservation. “We would like to share your ‘pieces of outdoor history in our new store there so we can pass on to future generations the outdoor traditions.”

If you have any such items and would be interested in Bass Pro Shops taking a look at them, please contact Allen Morris at 417-350-5710 or email him at Please include a complete list of all items and the history about them along with your contact information. If you have taxidermy please relate where and when it was harvested
All original photos will be returned to the owner if received by mail and if used in the store’s decor, the owner will be given credit. If you choose to email the photos, please scan them in a 300 dpi and 8×10 format or you may elect to place them on a disk and mail them to the attention of Allen Morris, Bass Pro Shops, 2500 E. Kearney, Springfield, MO 65898.
Allen also seeks out maps of local, state and regional camping areas, trails, fishing lakes, marinas, coastal regions and hunting locations.

“Folklore and local history as well as any other area historical events are also key to determining the theming of the store and help tell the story of the huntin’ and fishin’ in the good ole days!” said Allen.

Give those photos and mementos a place of honor and, at the same time; help bring a smile to someone’s face as they remember their own wonderful outdoors past.

I think it’s a great idea to keep our fishing and hunting history alive, especially when it comes to my own back yard Fox Lake.

Check out Bass Pro Shops to read this and other great fishing stories.

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