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Fishing Knots

The main purpose of a fishing knot is so obvious that many anglers hardly give it much thought….like turning the ignition key in a car. What is worth some thought is whether the knots you tie are as strong and reliable as necessary for the circumstances.

The basic component of a good fishing knot is one that retains the full breaking strength of the line as if it never had a knot in it. Some knots don’t do this because they aren’t tied properly time after time, and others don’t do it because they’re inferior or not applicable for the type of line. Ideally a knot that does retain full breaking strength when properly tied is also easy to form.

There are knots for making terminal connections (line to hook or lure), line-to-line connections (for joining two lines of similar or dissimilar diameter, including fishing line to a leader or tippet), and doubling the terminal end of fishing line.

The average angler needs perhaps no more than three or four basic knots, but the knot can make all the difference between boating a big fish, or losing it. I suggest that you select only those few knots that are of the greatest use to you, and practice, practice, practice tying them until they become second nature to you. It is most important that you use knots that can be tied in an easily remembered manner. There is little point using a knot that can only be tied by reference to a book.

Knots For Attaching Lures & Hooks

  • Clinch Knot


Hangmans Knot


  • Jansik Knot


Palomar Knot


  • Scaffold Knot


Snelling a Hook


Fishing Knot Of The Day

Another good resource for learning to tie fishing knots

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Really informative site and it’s explained to look so simple! Best wishes and much success!


Great information on knots. I’m glad I found your site.


I liked your site and have added a link from mine. Men need to see some links for their own interests, and heck, so do women. My own Mother used to love to fish. She can no longer do that but I’m sure she dreams about it. She could outfish any man she knew.


it’s funny how they all have different names depending on where you’re from. The clinch knot is called the tucked blood knot in the UK. Its the major player in my knot repertoire.


How To Tie Fishing Knots

A collection of common fishing knots and how to tie them.
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Thoroughly informative site about fishing stuff, I like your fishing forum too, lots of good jokes fishing jokes in there. thanks for sharing


I am looking for the catalog breaking strength of these knotts, I do know some but not all.


This is a great resource. @ Yellow mummies, I saw a show testing out the knot strenght of many of these on Versus TV. Can’t remember which show, but it might have details on their website.


Thank’s for the informative knots, i been search for long and now i found from this site. Thank you.


Great information about fishing knots, it’s so clear how to tie the knots.


Great, great info. Step by step, the images are fabulous!


Very informative, nice work!

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