Ice Fishing Rule #1 Don’t Test The Ice With Your Pickup Truck


I found an interesting article about someone driving their pickup truck out on the ice to test if it was safe enough for ice fishing.

We’ll apparently it wasn’t. ;-)


MUSKEGON COUNTY MI WZZM13.com – After hours of pondering, it finally took an excavator to remove a Chevy Truck partially submerged in Wolf Lake.

The Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department tells WZZM 13 News the truck was removed after chainsaws cut away the ice that had formed around the truck.

Then, an excavator and chains pulled the truck out of the hole, and back onto a safer surface.

The weather actually helped remove the truck. The freezing rain anticipated for Sunday wasn’t as bad as expected, so further freezing did not happen.

The warm-up in temperatures may be to blame for the unusual sight Saturday.

Around 1:00p.m. a truck fell through the ice on Wolf lake.

There was a local ice fishing tournament going on at the time, but many wonder why the truck was there in the first place.

Some believe the driver was heading to an ice fishing spot.

Many think he sank because the warm-up was melting the once-thick ice.

From others, there is criticism, saying truck never should have been out there in the first place.

John Davis of Muskegon was one of many who saw the whole thing unfold.

“He was doing about 40 or 45, and the further he started getting, his truck started sinking down,” says Davis. “The next thing I know, his truck’s in the water, and they’re bailing out of the truck.”

Knowing there wasn’t much he could do Davis snapped a few memories.

“(It’s) a good thing to show your kids to let them know it’s not a good thing to take your vehicle on the ice,” he says.

Word of the submerged truck spread quickly; many came just to watch.

Some say the excitement started with a tow truck and an attached plow heading towards the truck.

“He got approximately 25 feet from the boat launch there, and he just sank right down,” says Davis.

So after another truck pulled him out, the two set up in a backyard, several hundred feet above the truck.

Several hours went by and crews were making little progress.

“We did have one guy as he was working around the loose slush ice in the back, he did slip through,” says John Jurcich of the Michigan D.N.R.. “He was able to grab a hold of the truck and that’s why we’re keeping a number of people here to assist with any possible problems.”

As hours past, the sun fell, as did the temperatures.

“It’s making it more difficult because the slush is freezing just about as fast as they’re working and with tomorrow’s weather coming it’s going to be even a more difficult process,” says Jurcich.

So overnight, the lake claimed victory.

Meanwhile, John Davis says common sense does not.

“I’ve seen them out here with the snowmobiles and the quads and that’s fine, but when you get to a truck that’s common sense.”

The tow truck companies worked more than 6 hours trying to get the Chevy out of Wolf Lake on Saturday.

If the owner, who did want to be identified, was not able to get the truck out in a reasonable amount of time he could have faced littering fines up to $2500, removal costs and environmental damage costs.

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Full story at wzzm13.com




ya some people dont thing lol
love your site by the way


I saw in the news the other day where some one was moving a cottage across the lake to a new location. The bulldozer that was dragging it went through the ice. Now that would was something also. They manged to return the cottage to its original place. They couldn’t figure out how to get the bulldozer out because of the distance out it was I guess. Similar to this story. Some people do the darnedest things.

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